Who we are

About A Wing and a Prayer’s founders and what we hope to accomplish (hint: it’s about peace):

Elizabeth Bromstein is a writer and marketer by trade. She is the founder of the Westside Refugee Response, a private refugee sponsorship group in Toronto, and an active volunteer for refugee causes. And now an active advocate for art collaborations between Israelis and Palestinians. She used to be pretty self absorbed, but these things tend to snowball.

Elizabeth lives with her cats, dog, daughter, and husband, and is about to add a couple of bearded dragons to the mix. They are probably going to be named Jack and Susan. Or maybe Blizzard and Smiley. We haven’t decided yet.

Read Elizabeth’s story about why she got involved with AWAAP here

Neil Schwartzman is an award-winning management consultant and cybersecurity advocate who wrote the world’s first distributed spam filtering software.

Over the years, Neil has been a founding member of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE.org) had dinner at Schwartz’s with the Prime Minister of Canada,  named a concert hall in honour of Oscar Peterson, jumped off a mountain,  and danced onstage at Place-des-arts with the Ballet Jazz de Montréal.  He was a driving force behind Canada’s Anti-spam Law, and now, Neil is focusing his passion to make the world a better place towards Israel & Palestine.

Neil lives in Montréal, Canada with a pug named Luce, and they are both big huge David Bowie fans.

Read Neil’s story about why he got involved with AWAAP here






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